As it Begins

The city of Philadelphia existed in a state of contained chaos that any member of the Requiem learns to know and love. At least it was, for many decades.

An old city, uplifted from its roots as a place of decency and hope, was firmly under the thumb of Invictus for as long as many caitiffs could recall. At its helm was Malachi, a Nosferatu of Invictus who held an iron fist over the city and kept the other covenants in line. Lancea et Sanctum loyally bolstered his rule, and kept the city for the faith next to him.

Some time ago, things began to change. Powerful vampires of the city began to disappear without a trace. It happened over a long period, but slowly many took notice. The city was suffused with paranoia as they became more frequent, and more powerful, Malachi powerless to stop the madness, until one day..everything stopped. He too went missing, but the disappearances stopped.

Invictus sent a new Prince, from outside the city, but she met chaos when she arrived. Suspicion was high, various factions arguing over what had gone wrong, and the only satisfied group was the Carthian movement. They had, somehow, gotten concessions from the new Prince, who created a council of the Covenants, with one member from each. Her rule is tenuous. The Lancea are unhappy, for reasons you find unclear, and the Circle of the Crone support her.

A new sheriff has been raised, though largely by abdication of anyone else who would be more willing to do the job. Her task is to settle a city in crisis, all the harder given its reluctance to bow to her authority.

Darkness Over All

Darkness over all1 Afairy13