Salvator Damiano

Old blood of the city and the faith


Old Blood in more ways than one. Sal is round and confident, and he has been for centuries. His grip on the Sanctum is due as much to power as faith, but he serves his people well.


As yet, Sal has been a mixture of jovial and authoritative, if duplicitous in the ways you have come to learn from elder vampires. He seems genuine when he says that he doesn’t know where the murderer is, but who’s to say that is all he knows?

Previously, his goals have been to keep the city on the path of righteousness. He has not refrained from using violence to get his way, but it has ever been for the protection of his people. His place in the city was secure until Andrada came, and many are unclear as to where he stands now, possibly including him.

Salvator Damiano

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