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  • Vannessa's Inner Thoughts

    Impressions on Kindred I know:

    -Crispus Poor: Old, though not quite ancient. Ventrue. Seems to have an interesting past, wouldn't explain enough to satisfy me. Vague answers bother me. Gonna have to get used to people like him with …

  • Crispus Poor

    Crispus Poor was born to a poor family of french farmers in the late 17th Century. His rebellious attitude did not work well with his feudal class and it wasn't long before he got in trouble. The eccentric French Noble who ruled the area where his family …

  • Vanessa Morales

    What do I know of the woman the Prince selected to be her new Sherif? Well there isn't much to tell, if what she says is to be believed. She talks freely about her time before she became Kindred so getting to know her is easy enough. If you don't know …

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