Darkness Over All

The Night it Began

Session 1

It was the night of May the 16th, a small election by most standards but District Attorney means a lot to a city this large. The Carthians had been pushing their candidate hard, and after the progressive's victory they were mixed in with mortals, celebrating at city hall.

Vanessa was joined by the rest of the party, observing outside, when Aiden, a younger vampire, told them Sal and Lenoir were about to come to blows. Moving in to investigate, they found the two arguing about a masquerade violation: a homeless man had been killed on tape by a vampire. They could tell because he was blurry on camera, and the news story mentioned him wearing priest's vestments, that he was probably a member of the Lancea et Sanctum.


Sal denied knowing what had happened, or where the person was currently, but did not take kindly to the idea that one of his people would be taken down without a proper investigation (and maybe not even then). Lenoir made certain that she would see justice done, however she needed to. Nonetheless, she has given you some time to figure the situation out.

Crispen and Vanessa are going north to the news station that first broadcast the story. Redd and Patrick have gone bar-hopping, so far to no avail. Redd met a gangrel woman who sympathized with their plight but did not sound surprised. According to her there are less food sources, and vampires are getting more risky. She said she did not know anything else and was not in a position to help, but Redd did not take kindly to that and questioned her bravery. Next session we see where this goes…



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