Vanessa Morales

Smol Sherif


What do I know of the woman the Prince selected to be her new Sherif? Well there isn’t much to tell, if what she says is to be believed. She talks freely about her time before she became Kindred so getting to know her is easy enough. If you don’t know which neonate it is she is the one with the red hair dye and glasses. Yeah, the really short one. Vanessa Morales.
Well, she will tell you she led a very quiet life before her embrace. Good kid, loving parents, all that. Even went to college to be a teacher of some sort. But as she tells it, her whole life was completely boring and lifeless. She was practically lifeless before she died. The embrace was the best thing she ever said happened to her. Which is disconcerting to say the least.
As to her lineage, her sire was a drifter. He has shown up a few times to here, though very rarely. It seems he decided to pawn her off on this court as soon as she could fend for herself. A Mekhet who belonged to no Covenant, and it seems like she too holds herself to no particular group. Though it might be because she is new to her unlife rather than any real political or moral leanings.
So what do we make of her? She is far too new to have any real influence on any of us, and far too weak to hold her own against even the feeblest of us. I don’t think we have anything to fear from her. Though I am sure the Prince has her reasons, and I am curious as to what those could possibly be.

Breaking Points
What’s the worst thing you have ever done?
-Killing someone while feeding. Early on she got caught up in using her power to enhance her body and was not aware how low her blood was. She was almost dry, and she went into Wassail and drained the fist person she could. She felt bad about it afterwords, but more so at the fact that she could not control herself rather than the killing. It was just kine. As for non supernatural things before she turned, the worst she ever did was breaking and entering. Maybe a few times trying weed. Practically nothing, in the scope of the world at large.

What is the worst thing you can imagine someone doing?
-The worst thing Vanessa can think is rape. The thought of the whole act of violating someone in that way is the absolute worst thing to her.

What have you forgotten (some kind of trauma, probably supernatural).
-Vanessa does not remember it, but she witnessed several Lupines feeding on gang members in her youth. She was not immediately frightened of it, until one looked at her. The feeling of being prey was what sent her running.

What is the worst thing you can imagine yourself doing?
-Serial murders. Vanessa would never admit to it, but the thought behind being a vampire is intriguing to her. More so the concept of being an ultimate predator, and the feel of stalking prey before consuming it. If she ever was powerful enough to get away with it, a spree of stalking and then murdering her prey would likely be the worst thing she could do.

What is the most traumatic thing that has happened to you?
-Vanessa’s life has been tame before her embrace. The worst thing that ever really happened to her was being robbed once, and the police never catching the person that did it.

Vanessa Morales

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